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© 2019 Second Star Lettering

By offering a selection of calligraphy and hand lettering styles, you can choose the right option for you and you know exactly what you're getting. I'm working on developing new styles all the time, so keep following for updates.


This is my modern calligraphy style. It's a more lively, whimsical version of classic formal calligraphy and works perfectly with any element of your event.


A more formal, traditional style of calligraphy with more detail, Flourish is elegant and uniform.


Like handwriting, upgraded. This lettering style is simple and contemporary and adds a super chic vibe to your event stationery.


A variation on the classic modern calligraphy script, this style is all lower case with a long flourish to each line - perfect for envelopes and place cards.


Modern brush lettering can be done in any colour and creates a lively, soft feel.

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